A 12-Pathway programme, designed to help you connect with yourself and activate & advance your internal energy system.

This is your invitation to join me in an exploration of your body’s energy system.

It’s an opportunity to go deeper into your connection with your own energy, as you refocus on the power within you and take care of your own energetic house.

It’s time to thrive, not just survive.

As an acupuncturist for the last 20 years, I have seen the benefits of working with our energy pathways (meridians) on our body, mind and spirit.

When we stop listening to our bodies and our own energetic systems, the impact on our wellbeing is huge. Don’t get me wrong, we can abuse our bodies for years in different ways and they will serve us remarkably well. 

But I believe we are here to thrive, not just survive.

In a world that is expanding into the possibilities of more, I want you to be intimate with your own energetic system. It is your greatest guide, and your best teacher.    

Energy is all around us, but also very much within us.

Be it the chakra system, Reflexology or Acupuncture (as well as so many more), there is a complex energy system within us, that seemingly needs our attention more than ever.

So often in the world, we are drawn to the ‘energy’ of things, without truly understanding or respecting the interplay that our energy engages with.

It’s time to refocus on the power within us and take care of our own energetic house, so that we are able to engage with others in the most beneficial and respectful of ways.


Embody Your Essence with
The Energetic Self Success System

The Energetic Self Success System is a unique 12 Pathway programme, designed to help you connect with yourself and activate and advance your internal energy system. 

In this programme we will be walking through each path, in a way that will gift you the sense of deeper connection, clarity of vision and connection with your soul. 

Using a series of acupressure points, you will be connecting into your own meridian pathways in the most gentle of ways to release, restore and rebalance your Qi (life force).


The Pathways

The Pathways are designed to build in sequence.

The first 6 Pathways are designed to activate your body's energetic system.

Pathways 7-12 will help you advance your energy in a more spiritual way.

Pathway 1: Cleanse

In order to start any healing process it is important that we first cleanse our system. Think of it as emptying out the dirty bathwater…

Pathway 2: Flow

Once we have cleansed the system and made the commitment to creating a more efficient bodymindspirit connection, we are able to step into Flow. Turning the tap back on with clarity and widening your energy to create clarity at a higher level.

Pathway 3: Pattern

Think more perhaps of a pattern interrupter. We are the weavers of patterns in our energy systems. Our stories, memories, beliefs that need dissolving to make way for our new truth. Our patterns must align with our new desires and new way of life.

Pathway 4: Power Up

Connect to the Infinite Creator within you. Drawing up the earth’s energy through your feet and allow the natural feeling of being replenished to surge within you.

Pathway 5: Peace

Emotion is energy in motion. Fill your pathways with the power of peace so your body receives optimum health.

Pathway 6: Perception

We can only receive what we can perceive. Move from struggle, strive and stress into sight of your own success in full.

Pathway 7: The Sacred Pathway

This is where we start moving and activating to a higher consciousness. Connecting into the knowledge that is embedded in our DNA and opening up to the magnificent treasure chest of ‘knowing’ that lies within us.

Pathway 8: Infinite Knowledge

The human has undefinable potential, power and prosperity. Create the association within yourself of this infinite knowledge and allow the success that lies beyond intellect, beyond the mind.

Pathway 9: Movement

The art of allowing bodymindspirit to move with life's lessons and learning. Listening to the movement within. Knowing yourself.

Pathway 10: Source connection

Sustaining the new way. Creating the deep connection to the source of self. The source of all things Infinite and Divine.

Pathway 11: Serenity

The wholeness of self. The place of being exists in the present moment. Happily being where you are. Sustain serenity in a new way of understanding and self surrender.

Pathway 12: Complete Activation and Advancement

Bringing the masculine and feminine (yin and yang) into balance. Igniting all the 12 Pathways into a circuit. An energetic circuit in balance which will continue to energise you.


This is for you if...

  • You are looking for a self practice to connect with and balance your own unique energy system.
  • You want to focus on and enhance your energy system to create internal success and a healthy immune system.
  • You’re ready to truly consider your connection with your own energy, and explore it from a place of real depth.

Come on a journey to discover the wonder of you.  Hear the whispers of your soul and let your spirit soar.


Lifetime, 24 hour Access to the System

  • Lifetime access to the 12-pathway online programme.
  • Access to an online workbook
  • Invitation to gather with others inside The Quiet Room (a monthly membership) with 'call to sacred practice'
  • £120